We have spent the last eight years renovating Seaforth from a very small croft cottage to a slightly larger one with all modern amenities trying to stay in keeping with the period and use of the house.  The work is pretty well finished and we are sure you will find it comfortable and cosy.  We also try to be as eco-conscious as possible - I use as much organic and locally sourced/Scottish produce as I can for the breakfast menu and organic soap and shampoos are supplied for your use.  With the help of our Western Isles Council, and the hens, the waste we send to landfill now amounts to almost nil!







This is the conservatory overlooking Loch Seaforth with the table laid for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning













our guest bedroom also with views of Loch Seaforth and the surrounding hills










Seaforth seen from the croft over at Bowglass with Seaforth Island in the background



If you are thinking of a visit to the Hebrides - April has showers of course and some winter storms may still be around, May and June are usually the driest months becoming warmer in June, July can be wet and misty and August and September are usually drier and warm.  However, at any time of the year if the weather is cool or cold Seaforth will be warm and if, by any chance, it is hot then we will endeavour to keep you cool!!

We are now looking forward to the 2018 season to meet new and old friends.


We also manage a self-catering property (a blackhouse cottage) in the next village of Bowglass. Please email or telephone for details.



















Looking across Loch Seaforth from the shore at Bowglass with the Clisham in the distance





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